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  1. What on earth is a death cafe? | Life and style | The Guardian
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What on earth is a death cafe? | Life and style | The Guardian

Many parents to be like to consider birth plans with all sorts of preparation, options and levels of contingency but not all of us on this wee planet are or will be parents but ALL of us are going to die at some point — FACT! So, what would help us all talk about it a bit more and make it feel somewhat easier, less fearful, weird or morose? The two hours passed really fast, I met some really interesting people listened to lots of different points of view and experiences and the conversation flowed easily and laughter yes laughter! They also are on Facebook and Twitter if you fancy following the conversations.

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Unable to display Facebook posts. Three minutes later, they appear shaken, stirred, terrified, relieved or blissful. This trendy, informal, shaded outdoor courtyard cafe also features a small fish pond, a Buddha statue and modern, mostly black, decor.

Death Cafes: Discussing death, and especially life

If you didn't know its grim purpose, you might think the life-size skeleton sprawled on a sofa is a leftover Halloween gag. But no one laughs when they see the white coffin on a raised platform next to the cafe's tables. Adorned on the outside with traditional gold-colored angelic spirits, the white coffin is open, awaiting its next human -- for free. Assistant professor Veeranut Rojanaprapa created this cafe for his current PhD thesis in philosophy and religion at Saint John's University in Bangkok. The cafe was created as part of Veeranut Rojanaprapa's PhD thesis on philosophy and religion.

Veeranut asks customers to write in the cafe's notebook about their death awareness experience, and design their own funeral -- which the cafe is also willing to host -- by selecting a coffin from a photo album.

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Gesturing toward the skeleton made of resin, he says you might regret delaying your dreams and best intentions, because one day "you will turn into being a skeleton like him. Angie, a year-old Thammasat University student, suddenly plunks herself down on the sofa and poses, so her friend can photograph her next to the skeleton. It is not a grief or bereavement group.

When Laffert heard about it, she knew Homer needed a Death Cafe of its own. Death Cafe is a self-described social franchise, in that anyone can host an official Death Cafe event as long as they prescribe to the guide and principals set forth by its founders. She hopes to host it continually going forward. Homer … is just an amazing place for people of all experiences to come together and talk.

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She told him everything would be fine. This was before she started working in hospice services. Hospice has made Laffert realize how vital having those conversations are, even if they make one uncomfortable. To learn more about Death Cafe, visit deathcafe.

Death by Caffeine

Reach Megan Pacer at mpacer homernews. Bob Durr said… Continue reading. The four candidates running for two open seats on the Homer City… Continue reading. Depending on the size of the high school one attended, the memory… Continue reading.