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Veteran theatre and Marathi film actor Lalan Sarang died on Friday at Joshi Hospital in Pune where she was hospitalised for a month for multiple ailments, according to her son Rakesh Sarang.

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Sarang was 79 years old. According to family members, final rites on Sarang will be performed on Saturday in Mumbai. Lalan married producer director Kamlakar Sarang on June 7, , whom she fell in love with while working together. Her portrayal of many of her characters was not only entertaining but also carried a social message. Though she was born in Goa, most of her career was in Mumbai and then in Pune towards her retirement from stage. She was also a culinary expert and had opened her restaurant Masemari - The fishing - on Tilak Road.

She loved interacting with people who would come to the restaurant and talk about her plays and her roles in films. She made a comeback in in the commercial stage of the play Kalchakra, written by Jaywant Dalvi after a short break. She also presided over the 87th Marathi Natya Sammelan held in Kankawli. Prachi Bari Hindustan Times.

Read more. In the meantime, be as healthy as possible without putting undue pressure on yourself. There are sooooo many more important things to fixate on anyway, like how adorable that tiny child you created is. Your skin needs a little more time, okay? So give it some room to breathe. The belly button was stretched to its limits while you were carrying your little one—your innie probably even became an outtie temporarily—and it may or may not eventually return to its more taught, pre-pregnancy shape and size. Then again, you can get used to a belly button with a slightly larger circumference.

Bad news. Stretch marks do NOT go away, necessarily. Moisture is great for the skin, whether you have stretch marks or not, so lube the fuck out of your belly and body with your favorite lotion or some coconut oil! But also maybe try to embrace your new, lined look! The good news? There is now a road map from your abdomen to your pleasure parts.

So if your significant other ever gets lost, you can just point them to your beautiful, brand new happy trail! So with each uncontrollable wave of shaking and sweating, just picture the number on your scale ticking down. If you think you may be suffering from postpartum depression PPD , please do NOT stop here in researching your symptoms. I am grossly unqualified to provide help to those suffering from a serious mental health problem as I am NOT a medical professional.

The American Pregnancy Association is a way more helpful resource than I am. As is the Mayo Clinic. And Maternal Health Now. What I can tell you is that PPD affects a lot of women, and that it often goes undiagnosed. If you suspect that you have postpartum depression, it is NOT a sign of weakness, but rather a complication of pregnancy.

Please consult a trained professional. I know, I know. They warn you about not shaking your baby, and you get it.

Stolen Child

Violently shaking a baby is a terrible idea! But considering just how fragile a newborn is, it can be tough to know when rocking or bouncing the baby might inch its way into shaking territory. The answer is to be as gentle as possible. Babies are super demanding little creatures and tending to them is a full-time often thankless job.

Your baby is hungry! So take the cue! Feed that baby! Your baby is most likely that hungry. Mastitis is the catchall name for any infection of the breast tissue. Symptoms of mastitis mimic the flu fever, sweats, soreness, fatigue, etc. And guess what the best cure is? More power to you, Mother Nature. Seriously, though, if you continue to breastfeed, the backup of milk in the ducts will eventually subside, bringing your boobs and you! Your boobs will hurt like hell! They will also feel harder than you ever thought possible.

You might also see redness on your chest. Sometimes, women also develop an accompanying fever. Most importantly, call your doctor before listening to any Internet instructions.

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Oh, and take warm showers, which can relieve the pressure in your chest read: trigger leaking! I get it. You are angry AF that you even have to consider this possibility. I mean, to some degree it makes perfect sense. If you think about the fact that a tiny human is suckling your nipples several times a day for weeks on end, it makes sense that that body part would be impacted longterm. And still others claim that their nipples change, but eventually go back to exactly the way they were pre-pregnancy. As your baby latches onto your nipple, you envision shards of glass cutting through your most tender flesh.

It hurts like hell! I have no idea why no one mentioned this previously. And your baby. Your time is probably better spent trying it and seeing what happens. Makes sense, right? Typical newborn poop is either yellow, green, or brown. In fact, it sometimes smells rather sweet rather than stinky. If your feeding your baby formula, expect up to 4 gifts of stool per day.

There may be a day of six poops, or a day of grand singular poop. Your little love bug will probably only pee once within the first 24 hours of its life. This is a VERY good question. Newborn poop typically looks like diarrhea, so how are you supposed to know if your baby is suffering from diarrhea? I asked my pediatrician this question and he said that if your baby has diarrhea, there will be a crazy amount of the liquidy poop.

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Like, WAY more than usual. Give your body some slack, yo. Stress is bad for losing weight. Remember, your body went through some pretty traumatizing shit. It needs a minute to get itself back together, and you need some time to regain your strength. Unfortunately, lack of bladder control post birth is entirely normal.

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Your bladder was right in the middle of things, so it needs some time to regroup. For now, just remember to escort yourself to the bathroom a reasonable amount of time after chugging water. It could be a few weeks, or a few months. Or never. Some women still pee a little every time they sneeze years after giving birth. The best way to ensure that your muscles tighten back up so that you regain bladder control is to do Kegel exercises daily. Think of it as a special secret between you and your vagina.

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While feeding habits vary from baby to baby, a typical newborn starts off consuming two to three ounces in one feeding, and they eat every two to three hours. One month in, the average baby consumes roughly four ounces in one feeding. Your breasts will start to get rock hard when their ducts are filled with milk, which can be expelled either through pumping or breastfeeding. Think of your hardening breasts as a custom time-to-feed alarm clock. Your baby has all the power to alleviate the overflow simply by suckling.

Some babies clearly prefer one breast over the other, and will feed mostly from their favored breast. Other babies will be less picky about the boob from which they feed. Still other babies will change their mind from time to time, favoring one breast and then the other. The good news is, your body knows what to do! Trust in your boobs to produce the right amount of milk for your child.

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In boobs we trust is your new motto! The reason is that pumping one breast tends to trigger the other into milk production mode. The same phenomenon is at work when you pump. In the name of collecting every precious drop of breast milk, hook up both boobs at once! Many doctors advise establishing a breastfeeding routine, which generally takes at least a few weeks, prior to introducing the pump to your already overstretched nipples. Kind of.